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Himstedt Heaven

My visit at Kay Poppenatelier in the Netherlands

My boyfriend recently moved to Holland to study for 5 months and when I went to visit him I also visited Helma at Kay Poppenatelier. What a great store. It was like being in dollie heaven. Helma has so many dolls and she's delightful to talk to. We had a great talk about Himstedt dolls and she showed me her pictures from the Toy Fair in Nuremburg. I took some pictures of her store but since I don't have a memory card yet for my digital camera (I keep using the money on dolls) I couldn't take pictures of all the dolls and the quality is not the greatest. The pictures below are thumbnails. Just click on them to see the larger images. I hope you'll enjoy Helma's wonderful store as much as I did.

Click to enlarge Minchen; what a lovely doll.
Click to enlarge Here's another Minchen ready for winter.
Click to enlarge Charming Luise. I like her so much better now that I have seen her for real.
Click to enlarge Baby Lieschen in her little pram.
Click to enlarge The club babies. They're so big and adorable.
Click to enlarge Lisi and Natalie; the perfect sisters.
Click to enlarge Another great sister pair; Vicki and Maxi.
Click to enlarge Princess Moonstar; what a stunning doll.
Click to enlarge Another stunning doll; Cinderella
Click to enlarge Elsa is ready to party.
Click to enlarge Little Trudi and big Melvin.
Click to enlarge Moni, Alma, and Elsa. Alma is really something special.
Click to enlarge Miri, Max and little Lisi.
Click to enlarge This picture is too dark but you can still see Lisi with her umbrella that's just perfect for her.
Click to enlarge Two Asian beauties; Wei Minzhi and Li Fan Fan.
Click to enlarge Tilly and Miki. I think Tilly is so much sweeter in person than any pictures show and Miki is just gorgegous too.
Click to enlarge Bonni, Timo, and Maxi all redressed. Look at Bonni's cute new hair style.
Click to enlarge Miri all dressed up, Aschenputtel, and Deta.
Click to enlarge The 2004 miniatures in front. Look at those teeny weeny braids.
Click to enlarge Porcelian Masterpieces Mariechen, Klara, and Hedi, with a few winzlinge in front.
Click to enlarge Morgana, Amber, Mia Yin, Oscar, Skille, and Tinka, with Keri, Dorle, and Trudi in front.
Click to enlarge Freeke with her baby Bibi, Kima, Toni, Kuki, Siri, with Adrienne, Timi, and Fiene in front.
Click to enlarge This picture didn't turn out so good. Moni, Bette, Wei Minzhi, Becki, and little Polly in front.